Little Steps To Life Balance

Life balance.  When you hear that phrase, what comes to mind?  Maybe it’s a vision of yourself sitting on the beach watching the sunset as the wind blows through your hair.  Nothing else demands your attention at that very moment. Or is it confidently knowing you have the perfect schedule for your life… Here at Low Family Ranch, there’s so much to take care about that looking for that perfect work-life balance seems like a never-ending struggle.

Maybe you’re like me and don’t even know where that happy sweet spot is. I mean, think about it.  We chase after life balance like it’s vital to our very survival, yet I doubt many of us really know what it looks like or feels like.  So how do we achieve something we struggle to fully understand?

Most people live a very full and extremely busy life like we do.  Each day there’s a never-ending list of priorities to tend to.  Any of this sound familiar?

  • Family Needs
  • Work Responsibilities
  • Home Stuff
  • Sleep
  • Nurturing Friendships
  • Time with God
  • Shopping
  • Writing
  • Designing
  • Crafting
  • Networking
  • Planning
  • Personal Time
  • Exercise

The list just goes on and on, doesn’t it?

Figuring out how to balance it all is tough!  Of course, I usually just opt to do it all.  I tend to be very driven and somewhat impatient, so instead of scheduling certain tasks for a later and more realistic time frame for completion, I cram as much into today as possible.

And yes, that makes for one very overwhelmed, stressed out woman who ultimately ends up ignoring the relationships in her life so she can achieve the satisfaction of “checking off” another task on her endless list. Not something I’m proud of.

But how do I determine the right answer? Do I give up those things I’m passionate about, that make me whole and happy, choosing only to focus my time and attention on my family?  Do I give up sleep so I have more time to write?  Do I give up exercise so I can tend to shopping or doing household chores?  Do I give up my much needed personal time (you know just sitting and do nothing) so I can do my planning or networking?

I realize how selfish all of this sounds.  Let’s be truthful with ourselves though.  Nobody is perfect and we all have a human desire to feel satisfied, to get our way, or to be able to have our cake and Spring Cookies and eat it too.

I wish I knew the answer to this life-long dilemma.  So I’ve been praying over it a lot lately.  And God has led me to His answer, or at least a baby step in the right direction for determining His will. Sure, there are also times that we have a lot of fun like on St. Patrick’s Day a few weeks ago, but there are different times as well.

So a few weeks ago after spending time in His presence, I felt The Holy Spirit speaking to me about my angst over the desire to find a healthy and happy life balance.  God pushed me (once again) to grow beyond my own personal comfort.  What He’s asking me to change doesn’t really sound like a big deal, but to someone who rarely takes a breather from their task list, it’s a huge challenge.

So what is this challenge? To completely unplug from technology on Sunday’s.  Sunday is now deemed Family Day.   I still get up and go to church with my family as I always have, but I don’t turn on my computer.  This was something I used to do before I even hopped into the shower to get ready for church.

Instead of returning home from church and checking my email really quick, my computer stays OFF and I pour my heart and energy into preparing a delicious and somewhat large brunch for my family to enjoy together. I’m really glad we managed to get the chicken feed cost considerably down here at our beautiful Low Family Ranch so I can spend a little more on family activities.

Rather than reading my favorite blogs and surfing the internet while my little girl is napping, I will snuggle up on the couch with my other daughter, reading, playing a game, or watching one of our favorite television shows together.

Sunday’s are also spent hanging out with my husband and enjoying dinner with the grandparents.  All day is spent basking in the presence of God and family.  Counting my blessings.  Creating memories.  Making sure my loved ones know how much I love them.

It’s been two weeks since I’ve started this new way of life on Sunday’s.  I must admit it’s freeing.  I’m not walking by my computer and feeling drawn to it…just for a minute…just to check my email…or see what everyone in Facebook is up to… Of course, I still have the challenge of not peeking at all those things with my iPhone.  But like I said earlier…baby steps.

I’m not really sure what God’s plan is in this.  I mean, there are still countless things needing to be done and six other days of the week to fill.  Yet He only spoke to my heart (so far) about Sunday.  Maybe when I intentionally put God and relationships first, everything else will fall into just the right place.

But I must admit, I’m not too surprised that He led me to relationships as part of His initial solution for life balance.  He wants us to be more like Him.  He wants us to exhibit His character in our daily living and our choices. Let us choose love, because God is love.

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