April Rainy Day Family Activities

April showers bring May flowers. In our Low Family Ranch, we were so excited for Spring to arrive so the temperatures would be warmer and we could pull the flip-flops and sundresses out. But, here in Western PA, Spring means rain. Lots and lots of rain.

On the bright side, that’s why everything is so full of life here and so GREEN. My children, however, are at the age where they fail to see the bright side when it’s not to their advantage. So Springtime for them means many rainy, boring days stuck inside.

With a little bit of creativity though, Springtime can be FUN! Here are some fun rainy day activities I’ve come up with for my children to enjoy. Feel free to steal an idea or two for your own family fun!


Kids love to bake fun things. It’s rainy outside, mom! Go ahead…be SuperMom in their eyes and let them make a batch of cupcakes…even if you know they’ll only lick the frosting off the top and then throw the cupcake in the trash, while reaching for another one from the pan. The frosting is quite tasty, and there’s something rebellious about only eating the frosting and then throwing out the cupcake. Try it!

Splash in the Rain

So it’s raining. As long as there’s no thunder or lightening going on, it’s perfectly safe and enjoyable for children to go outside and play in the rain. Dress them in appropriate rain gear and let them go. Say yes to splashing in puddles, yes to getting soaking wet, yes to digging in the mud. Let them enjoy God’s gift of rain, which gives the trees, grass, and flowers a much-needed drink of water. See also this post about our St. Patrick’s Day Fun!

Afternoon Bubble Bath

Your children have just come inside from playing in the rain. They are soaking wet, covered in mud, and are probably a little bit chilly. Fill up the bathtub for them. Here’s your chance to be SuperMom in their eyes again. Add bubbles to the bath water! Then, even better…give them bathtub crayons and let them color red, blue, and green all over the walls of your tub. It’s Ok mom… it’ll scrub off fairly easily. Take a deep breath and soak up the joy in the room…the giggles, the smiles, the bathtub Mohawk’s.

Dance Party

One of our favorite things to do is turn on really loud dance music and get our crazy groove on, dancing away. In fact, our dance party usually turns into somewhat of a gymnastics event too, because inevitably when music is playing both of my daughters feel an overwhelming urge to do cartwheels and somersaults. For the record, this SuperMom does NOT follow suit. Somersaults really hurt my head now that I’m a grown-up and I’m pretty sure I’d break my arm if I tried a cartwheel! And while you’re at your Dance Party, your kids can eat all the Spring Sugar Cookies that you (together with them) made just recently.

Play Board Games

No need to turn the PS3 on. Grab a fun board game and have some quality time together. Board games offer an enormous teaching opportunity for kids. They learn everything from counting, to following directions, waiting their turn, and even how to win or lose gracefully. There are lots of great choices for young kids too. My daughter, Faith, has been playing Candyland since she was three. At that age, she also loved to play Memory too, although I had to only play with half the deck because otherwise, it was too overwhelming for her.

Horse Around

What this means is…being the SuperMom that you are…get on your hands and knees and let the kiddos hop on your back for a ride. But please proceed with caution. I’m in no way suggesting this is a safe option. But the kids will have a blast with it. It might be best to make sure you aren’t home alone with them, should you end up injured. This is one of my serious thoughts and part of my little steps to life balance in my busy Low Family Ranch life.

Get Fancy

I’ve mentioned before that we love Fancy Nancy books. So why not be like Fancy Nancy and her parents. Get dressed up all fancy in large hats, feather boas, high heels, and lots of jewelry. Dress like royalty, then gather for a meal in your home, or if you’re super adventurous…go out together for lunch all dressed up crazy. Now we’re talking SuperMom!

A Challenging Puzzle and a Movie

Our family loves doing puzzles and we love watching movies together. So when it’s rainy outside, we love to combine these two favorites into an hour or two of total bliss. Show them the video you made about your chicken feed and how you got the cost down. Pop some popcorn too! Yum!

Family Pedicures

Let your kids paint your toenails. Don’t fret mom! Just grab a paper towel to place under your foot. Then when the paint job is complete, set them up with a snack, while you disappear for a moment. When they aren’t looking, grab a Q-Tip and some nail polish remover. Dip the Q-Tip in the remover and instantly erase the polish from the skin all around your toenails. Oh yes, and if you have girls…by all means, paint their toenails too. Girls love stuff like that!

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